I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciated you being part of our
simcha–throughout the process you demonstrated a care and concern that was
above and beyond the traditional client relationship.
You clearly understood Elise’s desires and needs throughout the
process–allowing her the leeway to express her thoughts and you worked with
her to achieve her vision– that vision was our reality yesterday; we were
all so delighted; and you are to be congratulated and commended for the very
fine work you did.  I know that sometimes things can get a little
challenging but you showed compassion and patience and effectively
communicated this to the trades who serviced/supplied us–whether it was
invitations, catering or décor, you were there to guide us, offer advise and
facilitate the process in a caring and professional manner.
The day of the wedding you took charge–and I was very impressed.  You made
sure that schedules were met, that trades were aligned, and our guests and
member of the wedding party were where they had to be – and you did so with
a sensitivity for the bride as well.
Sarah–thank you, thank you, thank you….we had such incredible feedback.
Please thank Hailey as well…she is certainly following in your foot steps.
We are proud to say that Sarah Cherry was the planner with whom we worked
Danny & Elise Waltman and Marc & Marla Spergel

Hi Sarah
We wanted to thank you for everything you did for us and jayme over the last
year to make our lives and last night as easy and smooth as you did.
We feel that the whole evening was a success and we’d like to thank you for
a very big part of that.  We don’t know if your relationship with Jayme gave
her an adge, or if all your clients are that lucky.  But if the rest of them
get half of what you gave us, then they are getting a great job!!
Thank you so very much
Lezlie & Howard Taksa

Words cannot even attempt to describe all of these emotions!!! The evening
was an absolute dream.  Nothing on earth could have made it better!!! I can
really only thank you—we did not have to worry about one little thing the
whole night, and everything was on track and timed well and it was  all
perfect!! Flawless and fun …like you promised!!! I am so over the moon
that we had you on board.  Please thank Hailey as well…she was amazing.
Always there when I needed her. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Bessy  (Mouckley ) Bohmann

Hi Sarah
Hope you are getting some good rest after yesterday!  I just wanted to say
what a pleasure it was working with you yesterday.  And in NO way is this
just lip service to garner favours.
I think I briefly mentioned in passing conversation that I usually don’t
rely on the planners schedule or their day of coordinations because I’ve
worked with so many that are so lackadaisical about how important timings
are to the other vendors.  I get the impression some planners think a quick
list of times written up a day before the wedding makes everything run
smoothly…and it doesn’t !!! This gives me the headache of creating my own
timeline to make sure I know what’s going on so my team doesn’t miss a beat
when filming!!
BUT!!!…I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that if everyone had
their operations running like you did yesterday…my life would be a heck of
a lot easier.  You knew your times, you informed everyone , you made
introductions…pure poetry in motion!!!  Please thank Hailey as well… she
runs a smooth ship…she obviously has had a great teacher…
I genuinely hope  we get to work together very soon again.
Again, on behalf of Adam as well, thank you so much for yesterday and I look
forward to meeting you and working with you and your team soon.
Warmest regards,
Andy Mark Joseph
The Wedding Film Group